Operators question MGA’s expected appointment of Ryan Pace as chairman


Operators question MGA's expected appointment of Ryan Pace as chairman

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is set to announce Ryan Pace as its new chairperson, according to reports.

Pace has been a deputy chairperson of the MGA for the past year; while no formal announcement has been made as of yet, Pace has been added to the board of directors on the MGA’s website but is currently listed under his existing position as deputy chairperson.

Most recently, Pace was working for the Maltese Prime Minister, Robert Abela, as part of Abela’s own law firm Abela Advocates.

Last year, Pace was appointed to roles at two government companies, as he became board secretary of Mediterranean Offshore Bunkering Limited and Engineering Resources Limited.

According to the independent Maltese news outlet, The Shift, some industry professionals within the gaming industry have voiced their concern over the appointment due to Pace’s lack of experience in the industry and political background.

A veteran gaming operator told The Shift “the appointment of someone who is a young graduate and has no experience in gaming does not increase the international respect our jurisdiction has gained over the years.”

Another operator said: “After leaving this important position vacant for more than six months, the best the Government could come up with is an inexperienced young party loyalist.

«Surely, competence and knowledge of the industry were not the criteria used for this selection. Unfortunately, our industry is already under attack, and these partisan appointments are not getting us anywhere.”