to acquire Mexican lottery companies

47 to acquire Mexican lottery companies has reached a binding agreement to acquire Mexican-based JuegaLotto and Aganar. CEO, Tony DiMatteo, said: “These acquisitions will mean significant inroads for throughout Mexico and Latin America as we expand our international operations, expand our portfolio of products, and expose our domestic products to new markets.»

The deal will see expand its reach in Latin America, with both Aganar and JuegaLotto licensed to sell lottery games in Mexico. The lottery market in Latin America is estimated to be worth $9.8bn, including 26 countries.

The market in countries that both Mexican companies trade in contains 652 million potential customers, while in the past 12 months, the pair has attracted 136,000 new players.

JuegaLotto CEO Luis Carlos Leal said: “The combination of our experience, our products, and gaming licences in Mexico and Latin American, in union with the brand of is an obvious win and we are ecstatic to grow together in the region.”

Nour-Dean Anakar, representative of Aganar, added: “The focus on growth and bringing additional companies and distribution partners into the fold is a key driver for, and I am confident our platform, and my experience in the lottery industry, will accelerate this momentum even further.”

With the acquisition completed, the deal is still subject to standard closing conditions.