Lotte Tour casino to transfer to Jeju Dream Tower


Lotte Tour casino to transfer to Jeju Dream Tower

Lotte Tour Development Co has been given permission to transfer its casino licence from a hotel into Jeju Island’s Dream Tower.

The expansion was announced by Jeju Island, which outlined instructions for Lotte Tour; it wants the casino to continue meeting community standards set out by the Jeju Provincial Council.

The Council wants the operator to implement its local community contribution plan, and comply with ratios of over 80% of resident and youth employment.

The requested transfer has been reviewed by the casino industry impact assessment and Jeju Island listened to the Provincial Council, as well as the casino industry supervisory committee.

Overall, the transfer is deemed to be appropriate due to the casino agreeing to meet the guidelines suggested by the Provincial Council.

Originally the casino was located at the Lotte Hotel Jeju in the Jungmun tourist complex; it will now be moved to the tallest building in Jeju.

This will see Lotte Tour’s business area increase from 1176m to 5367m: with the new space it will see its five gaming tables and 51 machines rise to 150 tables, and 300 machines.

The site is a popular destination for local honeymooners but recently it has been hit hard by Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Lotte Tour had applied for the relocation over two months ago and it is believed it could open in May once the transfer is complete.