IBIA reports 64 betting integrity alerts in Q1 2021


IBIA reports 64 betting integrity alerts in Q1 2021

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has reported a total of 64 cases of suspicious betting to the relevant authorities for the first quarter of 2021.

The total is three more than the 61 cases reported in the prior-year period, and four fewer than the 68 alerts reported in Q4 2020.

Europe and Asia accounted for 66% of alerts, while in terms of sports, it was tennis that led the way with 18. Tennis, along with eSports (17) and football (12) made up almost 75% of all alerts reported during the quarter. The remainder covered table tennis (7), basketball (5), volleyball (4) and horse racing (1).

Other key figures from the report included a quarter of all alerts coming from Russia (10) and Bulgaria (6), with alerts coming from 20 different countries in total.

“After a difficult 2020, many operators appear to be close to normality in terms of their pre-pandemic market offering,” said IBIA CEO Khalid Ali. “This is reflected in the alert numbers and geographical spread for Q1, with a refocus on those sports that have traditionally and numerically dominated the betting offer globally, namely tennis and football.

“The association and its members continue to work closely with those sports, and indeed all sports that wish to engage with us, to identify potential corruption and to seek robust sanctions to punish and deter such illicit activity.”