Global games industry recommits to #PlayApartTogether campaign


Global games industry recommits to #PlayApartTogether campaign

Leaders from the global games industry have committed to reactivate the #PlayApartTogether initiative launched one year ago in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

In April 2020, a large number of gaming companies agreed to spread evidence-based health messages from WHO, encouraging gamers across the globe to follow health advice on Covid-19 prevention, including social distancing, avoiding crowds, keeping rooms well ventilated, and wearing masks.

One year on from the initial launch, gaming companies have reflected on and recommitted to the campaign, sharing the hashtag #PlayApartTogether on social media. The hashtag has been seen by gamers in several countries throughout the world.

The campaign has been adopted by a range of groups within the industry, including mobile, hardware, eSports, console and PC game makers, streamers, and consumer advocacy groups among many others.

“When we first started conceptualizing the #PlayApartTogether initiative, we couldn’t have dreamed that it would be so embraced by the global gaming community, with an enthusiasm and commitment that truly made an impact,” said Zynga president of publishing Bernard Kim.

“As a return to more normal life is beginning to be within our sights, we are devoted to continuing to use this platform to bring vital information and a supportive community to players. We truly make a difference when we work — and play — together.”