Fantasma Games announces distribution deal with Qtech Games


Fantasma Games announces distribution deal with Qtech Games

As part of the deal, Stockholm based Fantasma Games’ will now see its portfolio offered to Qtech Games’ clients and players.

The agreement will grow Fantasma Games’ global presence as the company can offer its games to markets in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latina America, areas where Fantasma currently has limited distribution.

While for Qtech, the deal allows its partners to benefit from Fantasma’s portfolio.

The agreement also extends until the end of 2021, and will be renewed every year until one party decides it wishes to terminate the collaboration.

Fantasma will be compensated in the form of royalty payments, similar to previous distribution agreements and the deal doesn’t involve any cost increases from Fantasma in regard to integration or start-up.

“The collaboration with QTech is another sign that we make games that are appreciated and in demand. Our main strategy is about maximizing our reach, that is, offering games to as many people as possible,” said Fredrik Johansson (pictured), founder and commercial manager at Fantasma Games. “Through QTech, we will reach a large number, for us new, markets and I am expectant about how our games will be received by the new audience.”

CCO at QTech Games Ulf Norder added: “We are very happy to have signed this agreement with our friends at Fantasma Games, whose innovative and varied games always deliver. We want to continue to add premium content to QTech’s platform and the collaboration with Fantasma is part of that development. We are convinced that Fantasma’s games will be well received and we are hopeful of a long-term collaboration.”