Crown Perth to end three-day lockdown this evening


Crown Perth to end three-day lockdown this evening

Crown Resorts announced on Friday it will be making changes to the business operations at Crown Perth, although this will revert back on Monday.

With the Australian Government ordering a three-day lockdown in the Perth Metropolitan area, the operator said its Crown Perth location will close for three days.

According to reports the lockdown was introduced after a Victorian man who quarantined in Perth tested positive upon returning to Melbourne. It is believed  the man had visited several locations across Perth and was infected by a family in the same hotel as him.

Therefore, with the area on alert, Crown Resorts announced  several operations at the Crown Perth entertainment complex will no longer be functioning.

This included gaming activities and conference facilities, while food or beverage would no longer be served, although customers were allowed to order via takeaway. Meanwhile, the hotel accommodation at the site was allowed to operate at a reduced capacity.

But, with the three days nearly over, the business is set to restart all its operations this evening. Crown Perth will be able to resume its gaming and hospitality operations as it has cooperated with the Government’s three-day lockdown.

Crown has also mentioned it will continue working closely with the relevant authorities in Australia, to ensure appropriate measures are being taken and it will respond to further updates. It remains to be seen whether there will be further lockdowns in the area.

Countries such as the UK are currently seeing a very healthy situation with regards to a fall in Covid-19 cases.

The global picture, though, is still not universally positive, with India currently suffering a huge surge in coronavirus cases.